11 Jan 2007

Canada to recruit temporary workers from Fiji

4:54 pm on 11 January 2007

Canada has opened its doors to temporary workers from Fiji to meet a critical labour shortage in that country.

The Canadian government has relaxed provisions of its Federal Immigration Policy to meet labour shortages in the states of British Columbia and Alberta as they prepare to host the 2010 Olympic Games.

Fiji's high commissioner to Canada, Jesoni Vitusagavulu, says this is good news for Fiji workers who can work in Canada and send remittances back home.

He says a recruiting company from Vancouver will visit Fiji by the middle of this month to assess the availability of skills.

The Canadian decision to hire workers from Fiji comes just as New Zealand suspended a scheme to hire temporary workers from Fiji even before it was due to start this year because of the coup.

Fiji workers abroad currently send more than 180-million US dollars a year in remittances.