11 Jan 2007

NZ's National Party calls for Fiji troops to leave UN forces

11:37 am on 11 January 2007

New Zealand's opposition National Party wants Fiji troops serving with United Nations peacekeeping forces around the world to be removed.

A National Party parliamentarian, Murray McCully, says the continued use of the Fijian troops by the United Nations is unprincipled and the New Zealand government must take a firmer line in calling for their removal.

Mr McCully says these troops are part of a military that has overthrown an elected government and it is unacceptable for them to be engaged in upholding law and order in other countries.

He says New Zealand has a huge interest in establishing long term stability in the Pacific through the rule of law.

Mr McCully says the interim administration led by Commodore Bainimarama is unlawful and New Zealand's refusal to recognise it is "entirely appropriate."