11 Jan 2007

Hawaii researcher criticises Solomon's handling of Julian Moti affair

11:41 am on 11 January 2007

A researcher in Hawaii says the Solomon Islands government has failed to give an explanation for its actions over the suspended Attorney General, Julian Moti.

Dr Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka of the East-West Centre in Honolulu, says Solomon Islanders are suffering as a result.

And Dr Kabuktaulaka says the Moti affair is only part of the problem.

"Particular individuals within the government have used Moti as a way of exacerbating their fight against Australia. So, Moti is caught in the middle and the differences between Solomon Islands government and Australia. And they are using him as a way of saying to Australia we will do whatever we want to do and there is nothing you can do to stop us."

Dr Kabuktaulaka says officials in Honiara and Canberra need to sit down and talk in a bid to solve their problems.