10 Jan 2007

Hawaii academic says Moti affair harming Solomon Islanders

4:35 pm on 10 January 2007

A researcher in Hawaii says the ongoing dispute between Solomon Islands and Australia over the Julian Moti affair is harming Solomon Islanders.

Dr Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka of the East-West Centre in Honolulu says the Solomons government has not given a convincing explanation for its actions over the suspended Attorney General.

And Dr Kabuktaulaka says that Mr Moti is only part of the problem.

"Moti is a little part of the difference between Australia and Solomon Islands. I think the solution is much broader than just looking at the Julian Moti affair. I think Honiara and Canberra need to sit down and look at the nature of their relationship. It is about the Regional Assistance Mission, not so much about Julian Moti."

Dr Kabutaulaka says these issues need to be resolved quickly.