9 Jan 2007

CNMI Chamber of Commerce calls for solutions to economic woes

4:27 pm on 9 January 2007

Saipan's new chamber of commerce president, Juan Guerrero, says house cleaning is needed to solve CNMI's economic problems.

The CNMI government deficit reportedly reached about 174.5 million US dollars at the end of the 2005 fiscal year.

Mr Guerrero says the Commonwealth's economy is too dependent on external forces and is stressing the need for shared responsibility within the CNMI to solve the issues quickly.

"We need to brand the CNMI so that we are looked at as a destination, not just for tourism, but also for business."

[We need to] move the government to do the infrastructure, we need to do some house cleaning, both on our economic recovery, legislation, we need to reduce the government so that we can make funds available to do the infrastructure. 22

Mr Guerrero says the chamber will work with other groups, such as the visitor's authority and the hotel association to address the matter.