8 Jan 2007

Tourism New Caledonia launches campaign for more NZ Australia tourists

4:18 pm on 8 January 2007

Tourism New Caledonia has launched a campaign to lure visitors from New Zealand and Australia with a two for one sale.

About seven-thousand New Zealanders visit New Caledonia each year, and Tourism New Caledonia says it hopes to substantially increase visitor numbers through the offer.

Tourism New Caledonia's New Zealand based manager Simon Duff, says the campaign is a first.

"We thought it is time to do something a little bit different. The two for one is to educate New Zealanders and to really step it up in our competition with the other islands in the South Pacific, [so it is to] increase our visitor numbers out of New Zealand into New Caledonia."

Mr Duff says the sale ends on January 28.