28 Dec 2006

PNG Police Association wants local appointee as Police Commissioner

11:23 am on 28 December 2006

Papua New Guinea's Police Association says that if the government decides to appoint a foreigner as police commissioner it will be going against its own opbjective to localise key positions.

This follows speculation that the National Executive Council is considering the option if it is forced to reconsider its recent appointment of Gary Baki as police commissioner.

The NEC is sticking by its decision on the appointment of Mr Baki until a court makes a decision over charges against him of causing disaffection.

But the president of the Police Association, Robert Ali, says while it's the NEC's perogative, picking a Briton or an Australian would run against one of the objectives PNG had when becoming independent in 1975.

"Now if we are going to go back to get a Briton it's going to be against the wishes and the aspirations, firstly, of the national government. It is also going to be against the wishes and the aspirations of the top management and the rank and file, because we said the position was going to be localised. It would stay local. ."