21 Dec 2006

Pro-democracy campaigners in Fiji in custody after protest

7:48 pm on 21 December 2006

A group of pro-democracy campaigners arrested in Fiji after waving the national flag could face charges under the Public Order Act.

A police spokesperson, Sylvia Low, says the five are in custody for questioning after they were seized outside the venue where the Great Council of Chiefs was meeting.

Their demonstration was reportedly to remind the GCC of calls to return Fiji to democratic rule.

The military is denying ordering their arrests, but it routinely cautions and questions those who challenge its activities.

Navy Captain Esala Teleni, claims the military doesn't interfere with the police's primary activities.

"The arrest was made by the police and we had no interference in that. The police do their own work, we do our own, but in some events we keep each other informed of what's happening so that each organisation knows what's going on."

Captain Teleni says the police informed him of their arrest afterwards.