20 Dec 2006

Melanesian Spearhead Group to hold special meeting on Fiji

3:49 pm on 20 December 2006

A delegation from the Melanesian Spearhead Group is flying to Fiji for a special meeting on the overthrow of the government.

The Foreign Affairs secretary of Papua New Guinea, Gabriel Pepson, Vanuatu's Foreign Affairs director-general, George Maniuri and the Solomon Islands secretary to cabinet, Dr John Roughan are all expected to attend the meeting, which will be chaired by PNG but held in Suva.

Dr Roughan says the MSG, which groups Fiji, PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, is attempting to keep the lines of communication open.

He says the officials will prepare for a meeting of MSG Foreign Ministers in early January and will discuss a number of issues.

"How can the MSG assist Fiji to coming back to democratic rule, a question like when would the elections be, what are the issues at stake in the minds of the present government, the former government. One of the ways doing that, and probably the best way is to be there and listen to the people tell us."

Dr John Roughan.