20 Dec 2006

Fiji National Provident Fund scales down investment plans

10:33 am on 20 December 2006

Several projects to be financed by Fiji's largest financial institution, the National Provident Fund,. will be scaled down, deferred or cancelled as a result of the coup by the military.

The 2-billion US dollar NPF says investment proposals that were under negotiation will most likely be shelved.

A spokesperson for the FNPF, Wainikiti Bogidrau, says the health of the Provident Fund is directly affected by the health of the country's economy.

On the military's concerns that the Fund is in a vulnerable state because of excessive borrowing by past governments, she says all the fund's investments undergo a four-tiered test subjected to prudential supervision by the Reserve Bank.

Meanwhile, a senior economist, Dr Ganesh Chand, says Fiji has to work hard to avoid the kind of mismanagement of provident funds which happened in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Marshall islands, leaving members short of income.