18 Dec 2006

Bougainville's president say he and many others owed money by scam operator

8:17 pm on 18 December 2006

The president of Papua New Guinea's Bougainville, Joseph Kabui, has admitted that he, like many others in the autonomous province, had money invested in the U-Vistract money scam.

The operator of U-Vistract Noah Musingku has been living in South Bougainville, has been sought by PNG police for years for defrauding hundreds of millions of kina from Papua New Guineans.

He has been in a self imposed exile for more than 3 years and has his own security force.

The National newspaper says Mr Musingku survived a raid on his camp last month by a militia group called the Buin Freedom Fighters.

The paper quotes Mr Kabui saying he, like most other Bougainvilleans, including the churches, invested in the scam and they want their money out.

Mr Kabui has called on the scam operator to come out of south Bougainnville peacefully and pay his investors out.

He says he wants it done without bloodshed.