18 Dec 2006

Vanuatu minister promises to embarrass local body politicians over misappropriation

7:09 pm on 18 December 2006

Vanuatu's minister for internal affairs says he intends to publish details of misspending by suspended Luganville councillors.

Earlier this month George Wells suspended the entire council for the second time this year over their alleged misuse of funds.

The minister has appointed a commissioner for 12 months to recover an estimated 400-thousand US dollars in taxpayer's money he says has been misappropriated.

Mr Wells says he's planning to produce a booklet naming those suspended councillors who have let the council's finances slide.

"So that all the taxpayers and residents of Lugainville have to know the problem and the real situation inside the council. Because at the end of the day it's their money that goes inside this council. So that's why I'm planning to make a public report after the auditor completes the investigation."

George Wells says publishing these details will help voters know ahead of the next election which councillors abuse the powers vested in them.