15 Dec 2006

New Caledonia's SLN sacks six workers amid prolonged strike

4:18 pm on 15 December 2006

The SLN nickel company in New Caledonia has dismissed six of its employees taking part in the CSTNC strike.

The union's strike is in its third month and is mostly affecting the SLN mining company, with losses for the enterprise being in the millions of US dollars.

Tuo Chinula reports from Noumea.

"The SLN has finally received permission do dismiss several workers from its ranks, it needed the permission from the department of labor. The reasons that it gave were the disruptions that the workers had caused during the strike, violent actions that went along with the strike. Since this decision was made, the CSTNC has called for the SLN to reintegrate the workers that it had decided to sack. So it is carrying out further strikes at the SLN now and it has blocked access to two of the mines. So, it looks like the SLN will continue to experience a shortage in ore."

Tuo Chinula reporting.