14 Dec 2006

Moti's future in Solomons unclear

3:44 pm on 14 December 2006

It's unclear whether the suspension of Julian Moti as the Solomon Islands Attorney General will remain following his dismissal on an immigration charge yesterday.

The magistrate's court in Honiara dropped the case yesterday but his continued suspension by the Public Service Commission is yet to be addressed.

Mr Moti, an Australian lawyer, was facing an illegal entry charge after flying into the Solomons from Papua New Guinea on a clandestine military flight, without a valid passport.

He is wanted by Australia on a child sex charge relating to incidents in Vanuatu in 1997.

The acting Public Service minister, Toswell Kaua, says there's no change to Mr Moti's status at this point.

"What is being said is it still stands as it is. There's nothing been transpired from this end regarding any change whatsoever."

During yesterday's hearing Mr Moti demanded the production of a certificate under the Immigration Act, but the prosecution said that the document didn't exist.

Mr Moti says he is now seeking compensation for personal and professional damages he suffered.