12 Dec 2006

More community involvement needed to turn around crime and violence in Solomons' capital

8:46 pm on 12 December 2006

Church and social workers in Solomon Islands are planning to do more to address soaring criminality in parts of Honiara.

In a weekend attack, two people were stabbed and some Burns Creek community leaders say this shows the need for a greater police presence there.

But the Solomon Islands Council of Churches says it is also a social issue that needs to be addressed with much of the crime is blamed on unemployed youths.

Beverly Komasi, who is running a school for about sixty youths in Burns Creek twice a week, says she is planning a meeting with church and community leaders this week to try and address the cycle of violence.

"I've been talking with the pastors now and then we will all come together with the chiefs and then we will begin to talk and we will do plans. I am planning to start a youth centre and a school."

Ms Komasi says there are about 3000 youths that can't go to school in this area.