12 Dec 2006

Solomons police probe alleged stabbing

3:55 pm on 12 December 2006

Solomon Islands police say they are investigating an alleged stabbing in the Burns Creek area in East Honiara but can't say if they will station police there.

Burns Creek commmunity leaders believe having a permanent police post will help curb the level of crime.

But a police spokesperson says they are already active in the area and cites the 164 charges laid against 25 Burns Creek individuals last Friday.

Meanwhile our correspondent in Honiara, Dorothy Wickham, says the problems in Burns Creek cannot be solving simply by more policing.

"The issue at the moment is not whether they can arrest all those people in this area and whether they can charge them the issue now is a social issue. There needs to be some kind of physical evidence of police in the area. There needs to be a school set up in the area to cater for the young people in this area. This settlement won't go away. This is what government must realise."

Dorothy Wickham says community, church and government leaders must organise social activities to lure the youths off the street.