8 Dec 2006

Rape horror in PNG's Nebilyer tribal clash

12:49 pm on 8 December 2006

Seven women have been packed raped in the troubled Nebilyer district of Papua new Guinea's Western Highlands Province.

The Post Courier reports that the rapes, which occurred on Sunday, involved women from both sides of the ongoing tribal warfare involving Ulga-Ukupk-Kuwar and Kulga tribes.

The women were pulled off buses at different locations and were gang raped for hours.

Recent fighting between the Ulga and Kulga tribes in the Nebilyer district has seen a cycle of destruction and retaliatory killings in an escalation of a decades-long feud.

An estimated 30,000 people are now engaged in the Nebilyer fight which has claimed around 70 lives within the last 12 months alone.

Two women from the Ulga tribe travelling to Mt Hagen were taken at a road block near the Togoba road junction, dragged into the bushes and pack raped, allegedly by gun-wielding Palga tribesmen.

Ulga warriors later responded by setting up another roadblock further down the road and grabbing five women from the enemy tribes to gang rape them.