7 Dec 2006

Vanuatu police to prosecute group occupying government houses

4:34 pm on 7 December 2006

Vanuatu police say a group of people they believe are illegally occupying government houses in Port Vila are facing prosecution.

The group, known as the Vete Association, have taken over a number of vacant government houses in the capital and have written graffiti on the buildings.

They are putting pressure on the government to answer claims concerning land in the capital.

The acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Arthur Caulton, says police have submitted all relevant evidence about the alleged trespassing.

He says the matter is before the magistrates court, which has to decide whether the matter goes before the district or supreme courts.

"Depending on the seriousness of the documents and the charges available, I think there are fundamental issues relating to land which the Vete Association are claiming. So it's up to the (magistrates) court but I understand it could probably go up as far as the Supreme Court."

Deputy Police Commissioner, Arthur Caulton