6 Dec 2006

Fiji coalition wants commission set up to try and resolve crisis

4:47 pm on 6 December 2006

A coalition of Fiji NGOs says a presidential commission of truth, justice and resolution might be a way towards peace and stability, and a way out of the crisis.

The military seized power in Fiji yesterday, plunging the nation into its fourth coup in less than 20 years.

The director of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement, Virisila Buadromo says a commission, set up by the president, could clarify the events including constitutional issues that helped foster the crisis.

Ms Buadromo says the delegation has issued its recommendation, but has not received a response so far.

"We are making another attempt to try and this time we will actually go up with the delegation and present this idea to the president, to the commander and also try and hand it over to the prime minister."

Ms Buadromo says the commission should consist of all parties involved in the current crisis.