2 Dec 2006

Vanuatu's parliament passes opposition motion calling for a minute of silence for Papua

11:21 am on 2 December 2006

Vanuatu's parliament has passed an opposition motion to call a minute of silence to honour the West Papuans killed by Indonesian soldiers when they raised their Morning Star Flag in Jayapura in 1961.

The Daily Post reports the motion was tabled by opposition Green MP, Mr Moana Carcasses and seconded by the Prime Minister.

Mr Carcasses says now that the Vanuatu parliament has acknowledged the killings, he is going to join all Green MPs round the world to demand the Government of Indonesia to allow a referendum to allow the people to decide their destiny.

West Papua resident representative Mr Andy Ayamiseba thanked the Opposition and Prime Minister Ham Lini for honouring the Melanesians of West Papua who died for their freedom.