1 Dec 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says opportunity to arrest commander missed

7:27 pm on 1 December 2006

Fiji's police commissioner says his failure to have the military commander arrested in New Zealand was a missed opportunity.

Andrew Hughes - who is on annual leave in Australia after receiving threats - says he still wants to bring Commodore Bainimarama and those behind him to justice.

Mr Hughes is refusing to resign in the face of demands from the military that the government remove him.

He says that while he respects New Zealand's decision not to back his request to arrest Commodore Bainimarama while he was in Wellington for talks, he believes it was a missed opportunity.

And he says he's done his best to try and avert another coup.

"I certainly did everything I could. I don't feel I should take responsibility for this one. I'm still doing everything I can to avert it. I think we missed an opportunity this week and I'll continue to fight until the very end."

Mr Hughes says he would consider resigning if he was the only sticking point between peace and stability.

But he says he wouldn't resign and leave Fiji with an unlawful government under the direction of the commander.