28 Nov 2006

Goro Nickel work continues despite injunction

3:46 pm on 28 November 2006

The Goro Nickel company in New Caledonia says work on the storage site of its project in the territory's south will continue despite last week's injunction issued by a Paris court.

The company has issued a statement, saying the southern province has instructed it to continue work before the start of the wet season.

It says a stop to the construction now could cause environmental damage in case there is heavy rain.

The company also says in the intervening time its lawyers can prepare an appeal, adding that there has been some confusion about the elements leading to the judgment.

Last week's ruling has given the operator 48 hours to stop work on the waste storage site or be given a daily fine of 40 000 US dollars.

But on Friday, Goro Nickel said work would continue because it hadn't been served the official notification yet.