24 Nov 2006

Fiji's deputy police Commissioner defends his boss

8:10 am on 24 November 2006

Fiji's deputy police commissioner has defended the country's Australian commissioner, Andrew Hughes, against calls for his removal.

Moses Driver read out a written statement to the media after the military called for Mr Hughes' sacking over allegations that he was involved in the government's failed attempt to replace Commodore Bainimarama.

Mr Driver said Commissioner Hughes had done nothing but good for the Fiji police and its people in the last three years.

The deputy said Mr Hughes' decisions had been made after consultations with the chief officers and were therefore the position of the collective force.

He said Mr Hughes' loyalty to Fiji and its people and the principle of justice were unquestionable.

Mr Driver said he and the senior officers of the police would be the first to call for Mr Hughes' removal if they did not believe that to be so.

He said what has been said by the military commander about Mr Hughes involvement in a wider Australian conspiracy remained unsubstantiated.