22 Nov 2006

Tongans in American Samoa upset about riot in Nukualofa

7:31 pm on 22 November 2006

Tongans in American Samoa have expressed shock and disbelief at the burning and rioting which have left their capital city in ruins.

One of the most prominent Tongans in the territory, Mafi Lousiale Sione Kava, says the trouble is one of the saddest events in the kingdom's history.

He says off-island Tongans like himself never thought the rioting last week in Nuku'alofa could have happened.

Mafi says that by burning down the town many have grown up in, the rioters have burnt down a key part of Tonga's history.

"I can't find any explanations, any sense at all. I blame, and a lot of my countrymen may not agree with me, I blame the democratic movement people for all of this. They invited people to come alive next to the parliament and they have been coaching them all the way for over a month now."

Mafi Lousiale Sione Kava