21 Nov 2006

Tonga schools still closed after riot

11:16 am on 21 November 2006

A number of schools in Tonga have failed to reopen after last Thursday's riots because of the restricted access to the centre of Nuku'alofa.

Parts of the town are cordoned off as investigations are under way to bring to justice those responsible for the destruction.

The airport has reopened after New Zealand and Australian troops were deployed there last week at the invitation of the Tongan government.

Reports say there have been no talks between the pro-democracy campaigners and the government to find a way forward after the violence.

Businesses hit by the riots are assessing the damage.

The General Secretary of the Tonga Tourist Association, Kololiana Naufahu, blames the pro-democracy leaders for the damage.

"I'm making a petition to government to charge these people, these pro-democracy people, charge them and make them pay for every single thing that these businesspeople have lost."

Kololiana Naufahu.