20 Nov 2006

Samoa government auditor's report discovers abuse of funds in Samoa- Tel

10:16 am on 20 November 2006

Nine former expatriate managers of Samoa's Telecommunications Company or Samoa-Tel are implicated in a government special auditor's report over the spending about 12 thousand US Dollars each on credit cards.

From September 2001 to February 2004, total expenditures made by the former managers through their credit cards came to more than 300 thousand US Dollars.

The controller and chief auditor's special performance audit report into Samoa-Tel's alleged scandal back in 2004 was not released.

But it was tabled last week and it's now before parliament for discussions.

The report says all nine former managers including the chief executive officer had used credit cards without any specific approval from the company's board and were without supporting documentation.

The current management had told the Audit Office that there had been a lack of governance and clarity in the previous management.

However these have been addressed by the current board