20 Nov 2006

Indecision over Pacific Territory UMP candidates for French Assembly

10:18 am on 20 November 2006

France's ruling UMP Party is yet to decide who will be its candidates in the Pacific territories for the election of the French assembly.

New Caledonia's daily newspaper reports that this comes as the veteran New Caledonian politician, Jacques Lafleur, seeks re-election as one of New Caledonia's representatives.

The territory's UMP-affiliated anti-independence party suffered a split in July when the Rassemblement-UMP opted for Pierre Frogier as its leader which prompted Mr Lafleur to form a new party.

The Rassemblement-UMP in Noumea has selected Gael Yanno as its candidate but the UMP, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, is yet to endorse any candidate.

The paper also says French Polynesia's member of the French senate, Gaston Flosse, has denied claims he may quit his senate seat to contest the stand in the election of the French assembly.

Victor Brial will be the UMP candidate for Wallis and Futuna.