16 Nov 2006

Police hunt youths who launch unprecendented attack on tourists in Solomon Islands

2:03 pm on 16 November 2006

Police are hunting for two youths who attacked an Australian historian and guide as well as two American tourists on a visit to Bloody Ridge in Solomon Islands.

John Innes says although the two youngsters had been spotted on previous occasions, this was the first time he had ever come under attack.

Mr Innes says when one of the youths was foiled in an attempt to snatch a bag, the teenagers started throwing rocks at them, smashing several car windows as the tourists tried to escape.

He says he will continue guiding tourists on Guadalcanal but will have back up protection from the police and RAMSI.

Mr Innes says he felt lucky to escape unharmed and was saddened and shocked by the attack.

"In fifteen years I've been wandering around the battle fields, even in the height of when the tensions were on here and the coup was on and I've never been threatened before so really this is the first time this has happened - very disappointing."