14 Nov 2006

Solomons PM disagrees with Australia's stance on Moti

1:55 pm on 14 November 2006

The prime minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, says he is disappointed with the Australian government's refusal to accept conditions attached to an offer to release the suspended attorney-general, Julian Moti, to clear allegations against him in Australia.

Mr Sogavare says the Solomon Islands government cannot continue to tolerate Australia's ignorant and bullying attitude.

He says Moti has been appointed by the Solomon Islands government and he is a public officer in Solomon Islands.

Mr Sogavare says some ignorant Australians have influenced certain Solomon Islanders, including the local media, to join them in a campaign to oust him from office in the last two months.

He says he wants Australia to stop using RAMSI as an agent to destabilise the government's course.