10 Nov 2006

Guam Democrat wants second round in governor's race

4:16 pm on 10 November 2006

The Democratic challenger for governor in Guam has asked the Election Commission to revisit its decision not to call for a second vote in the gubernatorial race.

Robert Underwood trailed the incumbent Felix Camacho, who is a Republican, by nearly 1,000 votes after the poll on Tuesday.

The successful candidate needs to have 50 percent plus one of the vote and the Commission announced yesterday that the results give the election to Mr Camacho.

It says it will not take into account over votes, but Mr Underwood's team says the Commission is effectively stifling the right of voter to choose their elected officials.

Over votes are cast when the elector chooses more than one candidate.

Mr Camacho's team has claimed victory but Mr Underwood is yet to concede.

He was also the defeated candidate in the 2002 poll.