7 Nov 2006

Vanuatu's traditional economy booming

9:29 am on 7 November 2006

A recent report from the Australian and New Zealand Aid agencies show that Vanuatu's traditional economy has been the fastest growing economy in the world since it reached independence twenty-six years ago.

The traditional economy cannot be measured under the GDP system, and that's why Vanuatu was never recognised, and the Daily Post reports the ADB and World Bank are yet to develop techniques that are able to measure this type of economy.

The development report states that many of the functions of modern growth, such as well being, stability and equity are well provided for through Vanuatu's customary economy.

And since its population has grown by 90 percent since independence, the traditional economy has boomed too.

The report shows Vanuatu has achieved this level of growth without negative side effects, such as poverty, homelessness and environmental damage.

But it highlights problems with the cash economy, including in the private sector and in infrastructure.