3 Nov 2006

Solomons hold workshop on leadership ethics

2:37 pm on 3 November 2006

The organisers of a ethics in leadership workshop in Solomon Islands this week say it has been a valuable exercise.

While only one MP attended, the workshop brought together about 200 other leaders from throughout Solomon Islands society.

The programme focussed on the shortcomings of much of the present leadership and one participant, the Reverend Silas Erekali of the South Seas Evangelical Church, says it encouraged the people to push for improvement.

He says a number of strategies were developed and delegates will take these back to their communities.

"And explain to them the problem we have in our hands now, with the leadership crisis, and then the positive steps and the recommendations we want to carry out and the kind of change we want to see in our leadership, especially in the area, the criteria for selecting leaders for the parliament or for the provinces."