2 Nov 2006

French Polynesian nuke test veterans say compensation for military victims only is unjust,

7:03 pm on 2 November 2006

An organisation for French Polynesian nuclear test veterans says recent compensation given to French military veterans represents a bitter victory for its members.

The head of Moruroa e Tatou, Roland Oldham, says while French military tribunals are finally admitting the nuclear weapons tests were not clean, the government is still ignoring people in French Polynesia.

"This decision of the tribunal is good for the veterans but we are still asking how long the Polynesian people are going to wait and the longer we wait and the more results come out of military tribunals where only French military gets compensation it is felt like a big injustice"

Mr Oldham says it is impossible for former workers to go to a tribunal in France.

Moruroa e Tatou wants a law to cover all former workers who had been in Moruroa.