1 Nov 2006

Australian film crew removed from P&O ship in Vanuatu to return home

2:45 pm on 1 November 2006

A covert Australian film crew removed from a P&O cruise ship in Vanuatu's capital port Vila is due to fly home today.

The group consisting of journalist Colin Chapman, his two-man crew and an underage girl, was removed from the Pacific Star on Sunday after being caught filming without permission.

It's the second time this year that a crew from the current affairs TV programme Today Tonight has been sprung filming on a P&O cruise.

P&O has recently fielded damaging revelations at the inquest into the death of a passenger from a date-rape drug overdose on one of its ships in 2002.

The CEO of local P&O booking agent South Seas Shipping, Captain Claes Bjornum, says they helped arrange contingency plans for the removed group.


IN:......We were instructed by the master to arrange their repatriation back to Australia, to Brisbane, which we did. We took them out to the airport, bought the tickets for them. They then said they didn't want to go at that time. They said they would prefer to have a couple days holiday so they bought their own tickets and they went to look at a Hotel where they're staying at the moment and I understand they're leaving today, this afternoon, back to Australia.

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