31 Oct 2006

Re-elected Swains Island Representative plans on completing projects

7:15 pm on 31 October 2006

The re-elected Swains Island Representative says he will use his second term to complete projects that he started during his first two years in the American Samoa House of Representatives.

Alexander Jennings was unanimously endorsed by Swains Islanders for another term at an open meeting on Saturday.

Mr Jennings says he wants to revive Swains' place as a trading partner in the region and make use of what little resources the island has.

He says various economic developments will be explored, including exports of coconut tree wood and fish, as well as eco-tourism possibilities.

"So basically the next phase of it is to complete the infrastructure, the essential basic needs that we have there as far as school and health and the dispensary and then look at economic development. So hopefully within the next couple of months we'll kickstart the development phase of this project."

Alexander Jennings