30 Oct 2006

Samoa village council divided over chief ban

11:56 am on 30 October 2006

A village council in Samoa is divided over the banishment of their village chief after traditional protocols were over-looked during a funeral ceremony early this month.

The banishment has been rejected by the chief, Fuataga Kasimani Lautusi, and his supporters and he still remains in the village.

Lalomanu village in Aleipata district is now divided into two factions with the chief heading the other part and three main orators responsible to the chief leading the other side.

One of the orators, Seuala Patone, says his faction would no longer respect the chief because his arrogant attitude could not be tolerated.

The chief had re-instated old protocols, which meant he would be honored with a sua presentation and but no one else, including church ministers.

It happened after a funeral ceremony where a government minister and a matai of Lalomanu, Taua Kitiona Seuala, and the village church minister were honored with suas but not the chief.

Both Fuataga and the government minister were rivals during this year's election.

The chief summoned the three orators and their supporters into a meeting over the week-end in an effort to over-come the differences but it was rejected.