27 Oct 2006

Organisers say Solomons' ethics workshop being held at just the right time

2:22 pm on 27 October 2006

The Solomon Islands Christian Association says there is a clear need for ethics of leadership to be discussed and this has prompted a forum in Honiara next week.

SICA's Judy Fangalasu'u says they want to bring together people from different sectors of society to both discuss leadership ethics and encourage each other to commit to these ideals.

It comes a week after a former prime minister has been charged with several serious offences while six other present or recent cabinet ministers are also on remand for alleged crimes.

And apart from the well documented controversial moves by the prime minister, questions have been raised about reports from the auditor general pointing to serious corruption within government, being ignored.

The forum has been in the planning for several months but Judy Fangalasu'u says it's particularly appropriate right now.

"All that is going on now it just magnifies the need for it and so, in that sense, we could see that as a drive or a push for ethical leadership. It's especially magnified at this time - the difficult times tht the country is going through."