26 Oct 2006

Suspended Solomons AG hires Sydney lawyers to fight extradition bid

5:31 pm on 26 October 2006

The Solomon Islands suspended Attorney General has hired top Sydney lawyers to fight Australia's bid to extradite him on child sex charges.

The Solomons government's new legal advisor, Roger de Robillard, claims Australia's extradition order for Julian Moti is probably illegal.

Mr Moti is on bail in Solomon Islands facing illegal entry charges after he flew into the country on a clandestine Papua New Guinea military flight without a valid passport.

Mr de Robillard says the legality of the charge and the extradition order are highly questionable.

"Moti is taking action in Australia through his own lawyers to fight the extradition order which more likely than not is unlawful anyway. So it might be resolved on a legal front in Australian courts."

He says Australia still hasn't explained why it took no action against Mr Moti until he became involved in giving advice to the Solomons government over the commission of inquiry into the Honiara riots.