25 Oct 2006

Concern in Solomons over lack of audit follow-up

8:08 pm on 25 October 2006

Transparency Solomon Islands says it supports the concerns raised by the Auditor General over the lack of government follow up to the Audit Reports that have been presented to Parliament.

The anti-corruption body says the Auditor General's reports uncover evidence of corruption and other activities that appear to be illegal and may reflect organised criminal activity reaching into many parts of the public sector.

Recent damning reports have documented illegal activities in the logging and fisheries industries and another questioned the lack of scrutiny over the awarding of educational scholarships.

But the chairman of TSI, Bob Pollard, says the government has not made any attempts to address the issues raised.

He says TSI is considering its next step.

"If Parliament itself is not prepared to act it makes it very difficult, and we are keen to explore what options there are and looking at discussing with the auditor general what can be done and what can the public do to to get some action on these reports."

Bob Pollard.