25 Oct 2006

Fiji nationalists say President Iloilo must go

10:56 am on 25 October 2006

Fiji's Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party says President Iloilo is too old and has called on him to retire.

The party president and former coup convict, Viliame Savu, has told the Fiji Sun that President Iloilo has failed to solve the impasse between the government and the military which indicates that he is no longer suitable for the position.

Mr Savu says 85-year old President Iloilo is a weak leader due to his age and it is time for him to go.

He says since the president has failed to control the army commander, lots of threats have been made which is the reason foreign investors have pulled out and affected Fiji's economy.

Mr Savu says Fiji needs a president able to execute dynamic decisions and order Commodore Bainimarama to toe the line or face the axe.

Mr Savu says Commodore Bainimarama needs to be put in his rightful place and that can only happen if President Iloilo goes.