24 Oct 2006

Fiji's next UN ambassador says he has no links to conman Peter Foster

10:07 am on 24 October 2006

Fiji's next ambassador to the United Nations, Dr Tupeni Baba, says he has severed all links with the serial Australian conman, Peter Foster.

Dr Baba has told the Fiji Times as far as he is concerned Foster is "dead."

Foster, who has been jailed in three countries mainly in connection with dieting scams, is being sought by Fiji police for allegedly falsifying a criminal history that was used to secure a work permit.

Dr Baba has confirmed that he attended a dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Suva in June with consultants who were working for Foster, who funded his New Labour Unity Party's election campaign in 2001.

There has been speculation in Fiji that Foster might use his connections with Dr Baba to get inside the United Nations system.

But Dr Baba is quoted as saying he has more common sense than that and will not be influenced.