24 Oct 2006

Solomon islands' prime minister to present a five point plan on RAMSI's future at Forum

7:50 am on 24 October 2006

The New Zealand prime minister, Helen Clark, has held a series of meetings with other leaders at the Forum in Fiji in an effort to ease tensions between Solomon Islands and Australia.

In one of those meetings, the Solomon Islands prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, told Miss Clark that he will be presenting a 5 point plan on the future of the Regional Assistance Mission , RAMSI, to the Forum but there

are no details as to what that will entail.

Miss Clark is reported to have made it clear to Mr Sogavare that Australia must take a role in this and that he should refer his plan to the Eminent Persons Group for more discussion.

Mr Sogavare is pushing for changes to the Australian dominance of RAMSI and he remains upset over the raid on his office, which he called a very provocative action.

He alleges the raid included Australian members of the RAMSI police participating force.

The Australian prime minister, John Howard, is denying Australia had anything to do with the raid.

The Fiji prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says he does not want the row to derail the Forum summit which officially opens today.