23 Oct 2006

American Samoa queries 26 people's right to vote

1:40 pm on 23 October 2006

Following a recent visit to Apia by two local election officials, the Election Office in American Samoa has identified about 26 local registered voters who were also registered for the Samoa election held earlier this year.

During every election year, local officials travel to Apia to check if any American Samoa electors are listed and have cast ballots in Samoa.

Deputy election officer, Laulu Mageo says there was no clear indication from Samoa as to whether these 26 individuals actually cast ballots in Samoa.

The Chief Election Officer, Soliai Fuimaono, and the election office's legal counsel are contacting the individuals so they can discuss whether they voted in Samoa this year.

Local laws ban any local registered voter from casting a ballot in American Samoa and also in other off-island elections.