23 Oct 2006

New Caladonian activists launch court hearing in Paris in effort to stop Goro nickel

11:43 am on 23 October 2006

A New Caledonian Kanak activist group, which has called for a court injunction to stop the Goro Nickel project claiming it is illegal, is having a court hearing in Paris this week

The action taken by Rheebu Nuu is backed by 21 fishermen and farmers in New Caledonia, who are concerned the project will cause serious pollution.

A Rheebu Nuu spokesperson, Jacques Boengkih, says the Rheebu Nuu leadership is calling for a new Goro Nickel project.

"The case has been introduced in the court in Paris because it is where the Goro Nickel company is based. It is also far from all political pressure that exist in Noumea. They have good hope that the court will decide a stop to all construction work on the site."

Mr Boengkih says Goro Nickel has no operating licence and should therefore stop all construction work.

But Goro Nickel says the licence is not needed for the construction to be completed and it is in the process of obtaining the papers.