23 Oct 2006

American Samoa's Governor looks at implementing cost of living allowance

11:26 am on 23 October 2006

American Samoa's Governor is looking at revamping the government's payscale by implementing the Cost of Living Allowance or COLA across the board so people on a lower pay scale bracket get a little extra in their pays.

Last year, Togiola Tulafono submitted and the Fono approved a two percent across the board pay increase based on the cost of living allowance for individuals making less than 40-thousand US dollars a year.

The governor says he has been talking with experts as well as employees at ways of addressing the pay scale for the government's workforce.

Togiola says he has seen the hike in the cost of living for locals and his administration is looking at structuring pay increases based on the cost of living allowance, which is something done by the military and federal agencies.

Togiola says his proposal based on the COLA is the most effective and fair for everyone, from the lowest paying employee to the highest.

The governor did not say when he plans to implement this idea, but he said it's part of the two year plan for the administration.