20 Oct 2006

Solomon Islands' PM has threatened to "deal with" two senior Australian officials

7:51 am on 20 October 2006

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has threatened to"deal with" two senior Australian officials over their involvement in the arrest of one his ministers.

Mr Sogavare made the threats against Solomons Police Commissioner Shane Castles and Solicitor-General Nathan Moshinsky following the laying of charges against Solomons Immigration Minister Peter Shanel.

Mr Castles and Mr Moshinsky are Australians who have taken official roles in the Solomons.

Peter Shanel has been accused of lying about an order that allowed fugitive Australian Julian Moti to enter the Solomons without a valid passport at a time when Australia was seeking his extradition on child sex charges.

He appeared in court on Wednesday, charged with perverting the course of justice, misleading a police officer and misleading a public servant.

Mr Sogavare says his government considered the actions of Mr Castles and Mr Moshinsky to have been influenced "by their ultimate loyalty to Canberra who pays their salaries".

However, the Police Commissioner, Shane Castles says he has done nothing more than uphold the rule of law and fulfil his Constitutional and Statutory responsibilities.

Nathan Moshinsky says Mr Sogavare should be very cautious because the law doesn't permit him to make allegations against people without foundation.