19 Oct 2006

Disaster officials in PNG's New Britain waiting for damage reports following earthquake

7:59 am on 19 October 2006

Disaster officials in Papua new Guinea's New Britain say they are waiting to hear reports of any damage from

Tuesday morning's strong earthquake.

The provincial Disaster office says the 6.8 quake was tectonic and not volcano-related, despite a recent volcanic eruption on the island.

The office's director Colonel Peter Baki says the epicenter of the 6.8 quake was in the exact middle of the island, a very remote area.

He says the province is in a "seismic crisis" with magna intrusion that is just 15 kilometres below the surface in the North of the island.

"The people have been informed, we've conducted awareness of what might happen, what they need to do, and what signs to look out for - all that information has been given to them. As always, our limitations would be logistic support, our ability to get in there and do quick assessments"

Colonel Peter Baki.