18 Oct 2006

PNG's New Britain worried about more quakes

8:06 pm on 18 October 2006

Disaster officials in Papua New Guinea's New Britain say the province remains in a seismic crisis.

The provincial disaster office says yesterday morning's strong earthquake was tectonic and not volcano-related, despite a recent volcanic eruption on the island.

The office's director, Colonel Peter Baki, says the epicenter of the 6.8 quake was in the middle of the island, which is a very remote area.

He says they are waiting to hear reports of any damage from the area around the epicentre before sending out inspection teams.

Colonel Baki says the people of the province have been made aware of what they need to do in the event of more tremors.

"We have scientists in there who are monitoring the situation. That seismic crisis started about 26th of July this"

year . That was what scientists call magna intrusion. Basically what it is is magna pushing closer and closer to the surface. At the moment that magna intrusion is measured to 15 kilometres below surface, and that is very close.

Colonel Peter Baki.