17 Oct 2006

PNG police official says force is stable despite suspensions

7:12 pm on 17 October 2006

Papua New Guinea police say the Police Force remains stable, following another reshuffle in top positions within the constabulary.

Cabinet has reaffirmed its earlier decision to appoint Tom Kulunga as the acting police commissioner.

In his place as controller for the State of Emergency in Southern Highlands cabinet has appointed Geoffrey Vaki.

This follows the recent suspensions of 9 officers for insubordination and causing division within the force amidst infighting over the appointment of the new Commisioner.

A media spokesperson for the Police Commissioner, Dominic Kakas, says it's up to the cabinet to appoint a permanent Commissioner.

"The PM mentioned that they were going to advertise for a Commissioner - that's really the perogative of the government. But at this point in time, we have an acting Commissioner of Police and all policemen remain loyal to the office of the Commissioner. The destabilising factor has been removed and we are in tact."