17 Oct 2006

French Polynesia's government and union hold talks on road blocks

11:45 am on 17 October 2006

Talks are expected to be held in French Polynesia today between the government and a striking union over the high cost of living.

The union set up five road blocks last week to cut off the capital, Papeete, but lifted two of them for the weekend.

The French high commission says it wants negotiations to end the roadblocks while the government has called on the French authorities to use the security forces to end the blockades which are illegal.

The union leader, Ronald Terorotua, is expected to meet a government representative to raise his concerns later today.

He has warned that if the talks fail, the road blocks, which have also been set up by members of the GIP intervention force, will be tightened.

The French high commissioner in Tahiti says she doesn't want to use the security forced against French Polynesians.